Neuroergonomics lab alumni and current members meet at HFES 2023

The neuroergonomics lab members and alumni met at HFES 2023 in Washington, DC. The lab members presented their research at the conference, conducted hands-on workshops, took part in panel discussions, and received awards.

Dr. Ranjana Mehta is the selected as one of the seven 2023 HFES Fellows by HFES

Dr. Oshin Tyagi recieves the best computational paper award at HFES 2023

Aakash, Tiash, Eshan, David, John, and Dr. Mehta present at HFES 2023

Dr. Ranjana Mehta organzied a hands-on workshop on Neuroergonomics

The neuroergonomics conference was co-organized by Dr. Mehta and Dr. Hasan Ayaz. The conference included a hands-on workshop on neuroergonomics. Aakash Yadav volunteered to help with the workshop.