We’re thrilled to announce that our NeuroErgo Symposium took place on May 3rd! Our talented undergraduate researchers showcased their hard work and dedication throughout the semester. Keep reading to learn more about each team and their fascinating findings!

First up is Team T2D, who presented their groundbreaking research on trust and #HumanRobotTeaming. Their work utilized heart rate variability, #fNIRS, and #EEG systems to analyze neurophysiological #synchrony in teams.

Team:  Diane Lee, Nora Ghosh, Thomas Bolf, and Aakash Yadav (Graduate Mentor)

Next, the NASA team shared their insights on the effects of #fatigue on motor function during space flight. By using GVS brain stimulation to replicate the experience of #astronauts returning to Earth, they were able to investigate the impact of fatigue on #MotorFunction over time.

Team: Blake Fairchild, Rithika Venna, Malek, and John Hayes (Graduate Mentor)

The EXO team focused on soft body #exoskeletons and their usefulness in #EmergencyResponse situations. They evaluated the effectiveness and perceived usefulness of exos with EMS practitioners in ER-related tasks.

Team: Eshan Manchanda, Vishal Gottumukkala, Tiago Gunter, Oshin Tyagi (Graduate Mentor), and Tiash Rana Mukherjee (Graduate Mentor).

The LEARNER team presented their innovative immersive training platform for emergency responders. Their user studies, which utilized computer-based and #AugmentedReality training, showed the impact of performance and workload on the effectiveness of #learning.

Team: Isabella Pedron, Matthew Belmares, Sebastian Villa Cuellar, Shantanu Vyas (Graduate Mentor), Lindsey Brenner (Mentor).

Finally, the M3X team explored dynamic #trust in #AutonomousVehicles through #EyeTracking, heart rate variability, and subjective measures. Their findings shed light on drivers’ takeover behaviors during traffic situations and their attitudes towards #AVs.

Teams: Mattias Hollmann, Victoria Chen, and Yinsu Zhang (Graduate Mentor)

We’re incredibly proud of our undergraduate researchers, many of whom are graduating this month with job offers and internships. Congratulations to everyone on their new journeys!

Gig em’ always!